4 days untethered – and it was kinda nice

If you sent me a text or called me on the cell since last Monday, I didn’t get it. It seems I’ll never get it either. The cause? I’m an idiot and left my cell phone on the roof of my car. It is now, I suspect, being slowly ground into the feeder road of I-10. mobile-phoneI lost a month of photos but that’s about it, and of course it was locked and, well if you know me, it was locked down. Not that it matters if it is in parts and pieces being massaged by Pirellis.

First – How was it for me? Well, I spent four days without a cell phone. And it was refreshing.

Second – While I was seriously tempted to continue the lifestyle of what was once called “being a normal human being with freedom” I came to the conclusion that my responsibilities said otherwise.. I am now tethered, monitored by PRISM again, consuming Soylent Green again like everyone else and accessible at all times via a small rectangle when it skitters across the desk vibrating. A compliant-monitored-geolocated-citizen here to serve you.

Still, four days of knowing I couldn’t reach the tribe for help, nor they me, was actually relaxing. They are quite capable. I’m the air-head. Yet I’m also pretty fault tolerant so I wasn’t too worried about me. It was the “I’ve committed to these people” factor, the DUTY factor, that made me pay the egregious cost of a cell phone without the contract benefit given it was a replacement.

Bottom line. I love freedom. I also understand that it comes with responsibilities. And as much as I wanted to opt out, that isn’t fair to everyone else in my current role. We all have a role. And those roles change over time. I get that. So I have my mobile back.

Oh, and if you sent me a text in the last week I did not receive it. Check the feeder road or resend it.