open source software accounting search

Searching for an open source accounting software that might integrate well and it seems I am not the only one.

  1. Techsoup lists the usual suspects here.
  2. More interestingly the software freedom conservancy has a Fundraising Campaign for Non-Profit Accounting Software
  3. This led me to GNUCash
  4. And a command line ledger
  5. SQL Ledger if you like Perl
  6. Tyiton and OpenERP. Except OpenERP isn’t really fully open source it seems. So the only one I’d add to this list of the two is Tryton.
  7. Tryton’s main site.
  8. An interesting Tryton and Django integration project. Both are postgres and python so a logical combination and one that would fit with Tendenci’s model.

Any other suggestions? Maybe even something that uses the NCCS NPO Unified Chart of Accounts?