OS X Mavericks – 3 items of note for web devs

Apple’s next OS release has 3 items that I find very interesting for developers. Some good and some bad.

Website Push Notifications – OSX (not IOS, but the desktop) – people rarely install another browser on their iphone. Website push in their words: –

“Keep users up-to-date with news and other alerts using Apple push notifications. Once users have signed up for notifications from your website in Safari, you can send them push notifications that appear just like Mac app notifications, even when Safari isn’t running.”

Linkedin – it looks like they are getting married with LinkedIn with LinkedIn single sign on. Since everyone else is using Google Apps for single signon, or leaning that way, I think this brings a lot more power to linkedin.

Developer Tools – they SAY, they are going to auto-download developer tool dependencies. I read that as GCC will download without having to go and update the add-ons in xcode every time a new release of Python comes out or you get a net Mac. The jury is out for me on this one if it would even work or if it is a good idea.