S-97 and Sikorsky’s numerous Collier Award’s

And on the topic of counter rotating blade helicopters, a few updates of interest on the proposed S-97 based on the award winning Sikorsky X2 demonstrator. The 150 knot initial goal is now 253 knots (source) and the program by Sikorsky seems to be clipping along quite well. Very impressive initial results although I am guessing all of us already realize it is probably in action in the field now as a drone. That’s what I would do anyway.

And congratulations to the entire Sikorksy team including subcontractors serving our country who earned the 2011 Collier Award. Rock on y’all. Igor would be proud.

I guess the one thing that surprises me is the 10k service ceiling. I had expected that even a dual rotor craft would be able to take advantage of the aerodynamics of a gyrocopter (short version – like in Mad Max. Lift is from the blades but driven forward by a prop. Basically a spinning wing that provides lift only because it is spinning from aft towards the fore if that makes sense.) I was expecting the opposite with a higher ceiling. Hmmm.

This isn’t to take away from the fact that this is the FASTEST helicopter ever built that I am aware of. Pretty darn impressive engineering.

Disclaimer – I have lots of relatives from Bridgeport CT so I love seeing Sikorsky bring home American jobs. And I love the USA and Helicopters. So ya, I’m kinda biased in favor of Sikorsky. #rockin

Sikorsky X2 in Flighy