2 ways to limit tracking on yourself

Turn off ad tracking in IOS 6, or at least limit it, via the new setting (via lifehacker)

8. Limit Ad Tracking
Everyone’s trying to track you on the web, and your phone is no different. If you’d rather advertisers not track your activity and serve up targeted ads, iOS 6 lets you turn off tracking with a simple switch. Just head to Settings > General > About > Advertising and flip the switch to On. It may take a little while for you to stop seeing targeted ads, but soon enough your activity should be much more private.

Install this Chrome extension to remove the javascript tracking links in google. Note that Chrome has made it much harder to install extensions so you have to:
1a) Click “ok” to download after clicking the extension download link.
1) Click the wrench in the upper right corner
2) Click on settings in the drop down
3) Click on extensions on the left hand side
4) Drag the extension you downloaded onto the page
5) Click yes to install