automatic termination – thanks apple

Mac OSx Mountain Lion (10.8) has a new “feature” called auto-termination. Even the sound of it is ominous. Auto termination. This means you.

Here’s the thing Apple. I’ve been programming a lot lately. I also do photography. And build robots. And program using two or three different apps at a time. And I actually read about politics instead of listening to talk radio. And I check email. Sometimes go find weird music. I do these things on this here little Mac. Typically I have six desktops open which then become 12 desktops when I get to work and hook it up to that monitor I paid y’all a bunch to purchase.

Then I upgrade to Mac OSx Lion. Released the day before DefCon guaranteeing I could not use the laptop I had with me (not this one) because you couldn’t download the upgrade and security fixes. And the updates to all of the apps. And XCode 4.3 and now 4.4 with the Command Line Tools. Because you can’t download the command line tools alone anymore.

I leave Lightroom open if I am working on a project. It can stay open for days as that isn’t my real job. It’s just something I chew on like a bone to keep my sanity. But I want to know when I leave the bone one desktop 6 that it will be there when I get back.

Or, I used to do all of that. I did buy extra RAM after all. Now, I am auto terminated. I close the lid on my laptop and it’s like a mystery game when I get back. Hey, guess which one (1) app we decided to leave running for you!? Usually none.

So this is me venting. Stop with the auto terminating if there are any open windows anywhere on any desktop. No open windows I get (like Preview) but if Sublime is open with three files THERE IS A REASON. Leave me be.