RoR vs Django – just one opinion but worth a read

“From reading up on both frameworks, there is a subtle, but noticeable, difference between their philosophies. Rails focuses on having the framework do stuff in the background for the developer, making it all seem simple and easy. The Django framework does just as much heavy lifting for you, but emphasizes on the fact that it is saving you from having to do these things yourself. These two ideas seem to be the same, but the Rails point of view has more of a “magic“ visage whereas Django has more of a convenience one. I personally prefer Django’s approach to this, but I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would disagree.”

–  Huan Lai – CTC Labs

Regarding Django best practices, a truly elusive subject with much disagreement in the Django community (just my opinion), I found this suggestion of a more modular approach (delete! use a folder! specify environments!) compelling. The thing and gitignore bugs me. But I guess a lot of things bug me. Anyway, this one is also worth a read.

And I just learned from this post about Django Rosetta. Learning. Slowly. Uuuuuugh.