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Pair Programming Seen as Harmful?  

One of the more  extreme  calls for all development to be performed by pairs of programmers: two coders at one keyboard, at all times, with almost no exceptions.


“Research strongly suggests that people are more creative when they enjoy privacy and freedom from interruption “¦ What distinguished programmers at the top-performing companies wasn’t greater experience or better pay. It was how much privacy, personal workspace and freedom from interruption they enjoyed,“ says a  New York Times  article  castigating “the new groupthink.“


Working alone is good for creativity “” but being paired with someone who thinks differently from you can lead to more creativity yet. So should your takeaway here be that pairing is the answer after all?

No, no,  hell  no. The true answer is that there is no one answer; that what works best is a dynamic combination of solitary, pair, and group work, depending on the context, using your best judgement.

Judgement. Use it. As for me I work best alone. But I benefit from a pre-build conversation and post-build code review. Be it a physical bot or a programming method. I need other people’s brains to rise to the next level. But I need them to leave me completely alone to get my sh*t done in-between.

(via  Steve Purkiss  from  the Drupal Association)