David – Like a Boss

David Stagg – the last hour of the last day and he is still teaching. That’s class.

Here is the recommendation for David that I wrote on his LinkedIn:

“David is ambitious, talented, smart as all get out, and most importantly a HARD WORKER. He understood that hard work was needed to take care of our clients when he joined Schipul as a graphic artist. And it didn’t take us long to see his leadership potential and he was quickly promoted to manager, and then creative director.

If David says it’s going to get done, it will get done. A strength that I greatly appreciated as a CEO who travels a lot. I didn’t have to call and check, if David was on it, David was on it and it got done.

David has skillfully managed a team of up to 10 people at a time handling 60 to 70 projects and ongoing support call-ins from over 400 clients. To do this he motivates his people, he listens to them, and wears many hats. He also believes in processes improvement and was instrumental in implementing our CRM system to improve customer satisfaction.

David has guided the look and feel of the “Schipul” and the “Tendenci” brands during his tenure here working closely with our communications department. He fights for the brand as a great brand advocate should. Yet also realizes that this is a business and sometimes compromise is required.

From 2010 to 2011 our company grew profitably over 20% to over 3M in revenue. Without the strong leadership and focus of David and his team’s productivity this would not have been possible. Growth required the entire company functioning as one unit, but without any one part it would not have been possible. David was a huge part of the solution that led us to a successful year.

David is a strong leader who realizes it takes a team to achieve success. He knows that clients are part of that team. And that true leadership is to engage the stakeholders, to work with and guide and train to produce the best results for the client and for the bottom line both. Not an easy task. David can do it.

I strongly recommend David Stagg. If you need further information feel free to contact me directly for a personal reference for David. ~Ed“ February 17, 2012