aerial shots of bastrop push fire burned out woods

It ended in a crashed quadracopter. More on that after the jump, but first a photo and a 5 second video from above the burned out woods near Bastrop Texas.

lost pines

This still shot? THIS is why I like aerial photography so much. You just can’t get a photo like this on the ground. You have to break free.

And here is a 5 second video from the gopro:

And this is what the quadracopter looked like after the receiver lost contact. Gravity still works y’all.

That squiggly thing on the top right? That would be the receiver with the gyro dangling off of it. The other part of the receiver remained attached to the mounting plate but luckily all cables came out without tearing.

Currently flying again until parts arrive with a replaced arm, one internal ESC that is now taped externally. Luckily I had one spare motor in the bag. No landing gear because I had to use the aluminum plates in the landing gear as braces to hold the duct taped main body together.

All in all, it could have been worse. Now I just need to find out WHY I lost contact with the little guy. I don’t think I was flying THAT high. Maybe my wonderful new aluminum landing gear plates shortened the range of the  antennae? That is my best guess at the moment so probably switching back to G-10 for fabricating replacement.

Kudos to the GoPro camera. No damage at all and no loss of images from the SD card. Minor scratches on the case. Held up like a champ as did the clearly over-engineered landing gear. All LEDs still work (in the photo two were pulled out of the power supply connector, but they still work when plugged back in.) Weak link was the carbon fiber main frame which snapped in half.

Will have to purchase new main body parts, but for now I’m airborne again and the gopro is flying in a craft that Han Solo would be proud to fly.