“In war communication is the key to success. And radio equipment along with specialized training for soldiers is expensive. To be successful , the General has decided to consolidate all radio operators into the same platoon during combat missions.“

– anonymous

Fear of Missing Out and Travel

[this was in my drafts folder. I updated it with the photos and hit publish.]

I arrived in Austin tonight and immediately felt I had to experience Austin. Not that I wasn’t just here a month ago for a beautiful wedding. And at SXSW before that. And that I was just in Las Vegas speaking at CAPRSA this weekend. And before that in OKC for a lovely wedding. And before that in NYC speaking at PRSA’s Digital Impact Conference. ADD or not, I have no shortage of input. Yet I get to Austin and I have this fear of missing out.

So I choose to stay in my hotel and catch up on processing photos. And prep for my talk tomorrow (I really like to over-prepare. The audience deserves it.) And I wanted to process some of the photos from the rebuilding of the World Trade Center I took in NYC from last week.

But I can’t help it. I twittered a photo of Austin from my cell phone. Wrong move. I am also a photographer and I immediately see this tweet from djlawrasaurus:

Try n get a cool  #bat shot

[this was in my drafts. unfinished. because I googled it and found out I was right next to the bat colony and it was almust sunset. there it is.]

Austin Texas

congress bat colony

kayak at congress

congress bat colony

bats and a full moon?

austin at night

So there is that….