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On using celebrities to endorse your product. From The End of Advertising as We Know It by Sergio Zyman

“Think back to when you were in high school. If you weren’t already one of the “cool“ people, chances are you wanted to be. And if you couldn’t actually be one of them, you could at least be like them. That meant dressing like them, driving the cars they drove, listening to the music they listened to, seeing the movies they saw. Of course, there was nothing inherently cool about these clothes, cars, music, or movies themselves. What made those otherwise generic assets attractive was the association between them and the people you wanted to be like. The “cool“ qualities of the people””in your mind, anyway””rubbed off on the products and services, and it was as if using them would make you cool, too.“

From Chapter 4 pg. 101

Keep reading after the video for more on celebrity endorsements and how to maximize value for your brand:

To Take Advantage of the celebrity’s “equity”:
This is really the only reason to hire a celebrity Sure, having an instantly recognizable big name say great things about your product can help grab the attention of people who might have ignored you otherwise. But what you’re really paying for when you hire a celebrity is associative imagery, to have the image and values that consumers associate with the celebrity transfer to your brand.“

From pg. 102

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