iPhone Apps Make 4 to 6k Total?

And THIS is why we don’t make iPhone apps:

With more than 350,000 apps available on Apple’s digital store, game creators are finding it tough to attract attention despite tens of millions of potential customers who own Apple gadgets, he said.
“They have over-encouraged supply,” Hawkins said on a panel at the conference. Using statistics that Apple has made public, Hawkins calculated that each app earns, on average, about $4,000.
“Four thousand per application: Do you see a problem with that?” he asked the audience. “That doesn’t even pay for a really good foosball table.”
Apple said Wednesday it has doled $2 billion out to app developers, which could put the average payout closer to $5,700. Either way, Hawkins said he believes the math makes it difficult for creators of apps to turn a profit.

Incidentally, depending on the complexity of the App you will get quotes from 10k for a “brochure” app all the way up to 250k. Even on the low end you are looking at a loss. This isn’t to deny that Angry Birds won the lotto and hit it big. But think of making iPhone apps more like trying to get into the NFL. You might. But the odds are stacked against you and the competition is fierce.