Super-logoff as a sort of car-alarm for your FB page

From danah boyd – another very interesting observation on teen behavior in social media.

Mikalah uses Facebook but when she goes to log out, she deactivates her Facebook account. She knows that this doesn’t delete the account ““ that’s the point. She knows that when she logs back in, she’ll be able to reactivate the account and have all of her friend connections back. But when she’s not logged in, no one can post messages on her wall or send her messages privately or browse her content. But when she’s logged in, they can do all of that. And she can delete anything that she doesn’t like. Michael Ducker calls this practice “super-logoff“ when he noticed a group of gay male adults doing the exact same thing.

Mikalah is not trying to get rid of her data or piss of her friends. And she’s not. What she’s trying to do is minimize risk when she’s not present to actually address it. (more)

Super-logoff as a sort of car-alarm for your FB page. Leave it alone when I’m not in it. I like that. Although I find it very unlikely that FB will implement that as a feature given they make more money when you DO show up in search. (via April/thisisnotapril)