audience notes on social media presentation

Notes taken by  Rachel at a recent  social media presentation I gave. She stated that she wrote down the things the audience responded to and expressed an interest in. I read that as “what they care about.” So here is the list:

  1. Linkedin“”get on it if you are in business
  2. Have a  homebase“”blog or SME on subject blog
  3. Use  wordpress for blogging
  4. Make a  FB page“”the owner has to do it. Ownership is permanent
  5. Dual monitors are important
  6. Read  The FB Marketing Bible $50 PDF
  7. Google Alerts
    1. Community + Competitors
  8. Technorati
  9. Search blogs, SME’s
  10. Feed Reader
    1. Google Reader
  11. $30/month unlimited video training
  12. Logo””


  1. Where do you get the time?
  2. How to manage PR for oil spill?
  3. Advertizing vs. Social networking to build a brand?

To tackle those questions with candor:

  1. Where do you get the time?
    1. Cut out TV. Done.
  2. How to manage PR for oil spill?
    1. Look to Dawn detergent as an example.
    2. Make Communications a more authoritative position in your company. Don’t lie is rule 1.
    3. And I’ll let the millions of people writing case studies on the oil spill take the rest.
  3. Advertising vs Social networking to build a brand?
    1. I’d rephrase that as “Advertising or PR to build a brand?” and my answer is what Ries said “You build a brand with PR, and defend it with advertising.” So a younger brand should focus on PR and use Social Media as part of the tactics within an overall PR strategy.