no way to store culture except in the medium it exists

A few notes from reading Edward T Hall‘s Beyond Culture:

Jivaro Shrunken HeadCulture information and techniques are passed from members of one generation to the next. The next generation takes this accumulation, adds its own discoveries and refinements, and passes the total on to the next.

It seems to me however that that transference of cultural information to the younger generation requires two things. Physically being together and sufficient time for the transference to occur.

Perhaps this explains why companies will not hire remote workers, but ¬†occasionally ¬†extend work-from-home options to long time employees. Maybe it is that enough time has passed for cultural transference so the part-time remote worker can successfully interact if they are past this threshold of transference (whatever that length of time is)? I really don’t know, just thinking.

And there is no ability to “store” culture except in the medium in which it exists. You can’t describe it in a book in a way that it could be recreated, nor store it in a DNA double helix. It must be experienced and participated in.

If you can’t store something, you can’t time-shift it or carry it to someone in a different location for them to learn.

That last one really gets me. There is absolutely no way to store culture except in the medium it exists. #heavy