it would be helpful if you sent me a link

(text cut from an email that will never be sent.)

No, I am not trying to be rude. I am just trying to explain why I am not replying to your email. Please bear with me.

The Internet is made up of what most people call “links“. In fact these are really part of a name-space called Uniform Resource Locators. When you type a link the system ASSUMES “http:“ or Hypertext Transport Protocol. But it could just as easily be telnet: or ftp: or https: etc”¦. The main point is that the link specifies both protocol and the EXACT uniform location. It is specific. It is a specific location.

In the scenario below you were having difficulty with several profiles and images on some site. I gather that from the partial names. My bet is that at the time you were having that difficulty YOU WERE LOOKING AT THEM. And above that page was a URL ““ an exact reference to this exact and specific page. But you did not copy it. Rather you typed a long email to me with clues about the possible world you were in at the time.

So, to help you based on the email you sent I have to commit half an hour just to retrace the steps. Make a few educated guesses on where you were at. And I still can’t be sure I am looking at the same thing. On a Monday morning at work. Awesome.  Because you don’t want to bother to copy/paste you are sending me on a goose-chase. For a technical person this is perceived of as rude because it is NOT NECESSARY. The message you are sending is that our time is meaningless in comparison to the time it takes to you copy and paste a link.

While you probably aren’t trying to insult the technical people in your life, it is thoughtless at a minimum. And we have talked about this 9999 times. This is not the first time anyone has mentioned the importance of links. But you continue to revert to story-book requests for assistance. Sigh.

What I am trying to say here is it would be helpful if you sent me a link when you asked me to support some other companies web products that I didn’t even program. If you want me to help that is. We discussed this before, no?