what they believe they are capable of attaining

“There also is a fallacy in the assumption that all wants must be satisfied to minimize discontent. out smith's window Discontent is not a function of the discrepancy between what men want and what they have, but between what they want and what they believe they are capable of attaining. If their means are few or threatened, they are likely to revolt; if they obtain new means they can work to satisfy their wants.

Concessions also can have unintended effects, however. Temporary palliatives are likely to reinforce a return to violence once their narcotic effect wears off. If men fight to preserve what they have, concessions that remove the threat to it are sufficient. If they rebel to satisfy new or intensified expectations, the only efffective concession is to provide them with the means adequate to those expectations…

But political violence is comprehensible, which should make it neither necessary nor inevitable, but capable of resolution”

– Why Men Rebel, Ted Robert Gurr, pg 359