Speaking to Association of Fundraising Professionals Fri 8-21-09

While I have the privilege of speaking to groups throughout the US on a somewhat regular basis, it seems like I speak out afp houston screenshot for public speakingof town more than in town! One of those ironies of being a speaker. While particularly honored to speak to the Association of Fundraising Professionals Houston Chapter, it is even better that it is here in Houston this Friday August 21 at the Junior League! From the description of August Educational Seminar on the AFP Houston site:

Online fundraising has already changed the landscape for many organizations, but in today’s environment it is becoming even more important.   At this session you will learn to tie traditional strategies and new tools together.   You will learn the importance of storytelling, sharing triumphs, and the “3 motivations of Humans“.   In addition, you will witness the current trends and technologies that are making a difference to local organizations.

Hope to see y’all there on Friday! Now go register, it’s only $25 bucks y’all! I promise great content and a reasonable response to any hecklers. Heh.