Chron Blog Post: The Unnecessary Apologist

New post up on Chron’s list blog: The Unnecessary Apologist

The proprietors weren’t the in-your-face preachy kind of folks. Typically quiet, he became a loud fellow who would amble up to the register for the lunch rush like he was holding court. A different joke for each of the regulars….

The deli was a small family-owned shop and the owners were an older couple who, like many, walked the walk more than talked about it. The only way we really knew they were religious besides their actions was they closed the deli early on Wednesday night to host bible study. All the cotton-tops would wander in and gather near the front while we were still mopping behind the counter and calling in the bread order for tomorrow.

I mention my work schedule to apologize for something really bone headed that I did.

Years ago I worked 40 hours a week at a deli in San Antonio Texas over the summer. This was in addition to mowing lawns on Sundays when the deli was closed and working three or four nights a week as a server at Pizza Hut until 2AM. It was the summer between my freshman and sophomore years in college and as a young man I could survive on little sleep and a few beers after work. NoDoz was my friend… Continue reading on the chron site here.