PRSA International NP Social Media Presentatoin Slides Posted

My slides for my talk on Monday in Detroit with the PRSA International Conference 2008 are posted and embedded below. Very excited about co-presenting with Brian Reich of EchoDitto for the first time. As a long time follower of Brian on twitter, I am quite sure this will be an interesting session and we'd love to have YOU there! The topic is Social Media Strategies for Non Profits.

I should also say I am humbled and excited at the same time about presenting on the day that Bob Lutz from GM who blogs at the Fastlane Blog is opening! Wow! While I am not bullish on GM (sorry Bob) , I do love the candor he brings to the conversation.

So here are the slides – feel free to follow along during the talk:

Here are a few helpful links that will make sense if you attend:

  1. Corporate Story Telling
  2. Cell phone anthropology – this is brilliant in its simplicity and forces major changes to the art of story telling
  3. Media Converter – conversion of file types is a BIG deal and the new simplicity of Media Converter is a game changer in my opinion.
  4. Apple Brand Love versus Dell Brand Love (if you can call the latter that).

I'd also like to thank @happykatie for all of the help researching and preparing for these presentations. As well as the rest of our team. When I go speak, it is very much a team effort and I really hope folks realize it ain't just me!

On a side note, I have noticed that as I have gotten more active on flickr, facebook (gah I hate their ugly URLs) and twitter, indeed my blogging has diminished. I still want to blog, I still like the "home base" aspect of having a blog. But the immediacy of twitter is so much more compelling and somehow the time to blog is reduced. So if you are wondering where I have been these days, follow me at the above links and we can stay tight, cool? Thanks!

And maybe, just maybe, this guys is write that blogs are dead. Nah.