Links for the Media on New Tech Happenings

I was asked to speak at the Joint Ascertainment Session by Natalie J this morning. These are a few links that may be helpful for the attendees to know. In no particular order:

  1. Help a Reporter Out – a free competitor to ProfNet.
  2. Flip Video cameras – you can buy them on Amazon.
  3. Qik – a way to stream video straight to the web from your CELL PHONE! John Culberson is great with Qik!
  4. Twitter – y’all have heard of it, but worth joining if you are media. I am at
  5. Texas Franchise Tax (aka Rick Perry’s Business Income Tax). This is a very real issue facing the community with a 100% to 300% tax increase on businesses at a time when we SHOULD be creating jobs. It may be politically prudent to hide taxes at a business level, but realize this effectively becomes a consumption tax which we know disproportionately affects the poor more than others.
  6. Fifth Ward CRC
  7. IABC Houston – forming a task force on social media with the Mayor’s office for digital inclusion.
  8. – like youtube for PowerPoint
  9. Poll Everywhere – free simple polls that people can use text from their cell phones to vote with.
  10. Criminal Searches – a free criminal search site, but there are legitimate privacy concerns here. Does having one traffic ticket from some states justify making someone’s birth date a matter of public record?