2008 Sarasota International Design Summit

Sarasota Design Conference
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I am really looking forward to my presentation in Sarasota Florida at the 2008 Sarasota International Design Summit on Oct 27-29, 2008. And they completely take care of their speakers (click the image for more on that).

But without further delay, here is the description of my planned talk:

Design patterns of Social Media through the power of Story: The hero’s journey will be Twittered

From the "12 people you meet on Twitter" to the traditional Archetypes found in storytelling, there are expected characters we meet on the road who perform integral parts in our society and community’s stories. These characters play roles from hero to mentor to whiner to seductress to the perpetually peppy-guy.

We all know them (the guy who Tweets what he had for breakfast or the entrepreneur who Tweets his investment meetings) and love to love/hate them. But what roles do these characters really play in our online communication lives? Where do you fit in, in the grand Twitter and Social Media story? How do you best position your plotline and character development for maximum effectiveness?

Let’s take a look at how designs from the past can help us understand this new Twitter medium. Humans and their stories change very little over the course of time, and when used strategically Social Media tools like Twitter can give you the powerful platform to broadcast and share as never before.