Houston SXSW Panels – Can You Spare a Vote (and a comment?)

Voting ends tomorrow (Friday) the 29th of August 2008 for SXSW 2009. If you have a minute and like the topics, a vote would be truly appreciated!

Personal Branding for Profit and

Social Media for NonProfit Rockstars

HappyKatie also has two panels submitted:
Strategic PR for Social Media Geeks and Heart Your Peeps – Build Your Business From Within

@deneyterrio has two panels submitted:
Is Your Company Blog Cheating On You and one with Reggie called My Life With NF in Web 2.0 

The Houston crew has a bunch of sxsw panels submitted and they are all listed here. But there is a catch. Less than 24 hours of voting left! And commenting – comments are GREATLY appreciated! Houston Panels for SXSW Submission are listed here.