Austin Coworking Write Up in the Statesman

Nice coverage of the Austin Coworking and Jelly communities in today’s Austin American Statesmen.

Instant coworkers
Austin telecommuters soon will have places to go when camaraderie of the office is missing

By Omar L. Gallaga
Sunday, July 06, 2008

Julie Gomoll has been thinking about where and how she wants to work for a long time.

The tech entrepreneur “” who started and sold several successful companies since she moved to Austin in the mid-1980s “” has often worked at home, alone. (more)

Congrats to

  1. Conjunctured Coworking (heh… they have a "manifesto" link on the nav – awesome)
  2. Launchpad Coworking (hey guys, put in a redirect for the www. reference, eh?)
  3. Austin Jelly
  4. Michelle – general Austin trouble maker who just had a hugely successful blood drive. And is emailing me snarky challenging emails behind the scenes. But I promised not to blog that part b/c I’m not petty like that.
  5. Too many other cool Austinites that make Texas proud!

So what is coworking? The definitions abound on the coworking wiki. But for me it is a slightly tech heavy artists collective where you can rent out space and the social aspect matters.

What am I most excited about? The fact that the community is coming together. That is a good thing if it happens in Austin, Houston, San Antonio or Dallas (hello? Dallas? You up there still?)