What are you doing to build morale in a recession?

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Question: What are you doing to build morale in a recession? People are worried!

Answer: Not much really. I no longer view it as management’s job to entertain the troops.

Or to put it another way; whatever will be will be.

Whether the issue is the price of gas, the price of food, the
electric bill, the war, the recession, the unemployed, the lack of
health care, the broken government run by the boomers to be paid off by
the millenials who haven’t figure it out yet, the devaluation of our
currency, well, there are just plenty of reasons to be in a craptastic
mood as an American right now

I’ve done this dance before. 2001 was crap even before 9-11 and it
went down from there. And we were told to "go shopping" while we
figured out who attacked us. (Rant: This time buy a smaller car. Carpool. Move closer to work (gasp!). Get a roommate. Save money. Meet
the neighbors. Organize card nights to save money from restaurants and
have a better time and get the kids playing in the streets again. Think.)

As a company we had an mini-exodus of employees in 2001 and went from 12
employees all the way down to 6 at our lowest point. As a leader I
blamed myself for this. No longer. Maintaining employee morale and a
sense of determination is far beyond the ability of one leader.
Particularly given the inputs of so many outside of work.

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