Emergency Simulation – learning from exercises

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Currently as I type this we are in the last few hours of our emergency simulation exercise for the second quarter. I do know that I have already learned a HUGE amount. Good and bad.

What is interesting about running exercises is how your adrenaline actually rises. And how obstacles you ignore for years become OBVIOUS. Which is the point of running an exercise I guess.

So will they complete by 5? Not sure yet.

I’ll post a write up in a few days. It will  have great commentary on emergency simulations like

"telemarketers who call on unknown numbers keep beeping in and you can’t tell if they are part of the simulation or not. So you have to answer. And it is very hard to keep your cool. This is compounded by the fact that they were calling on an IP phone from India and had no idea what I meant when I said "I am in an emergency simulation and can’t talk right now!" (they called back three (3) times)