Erin, Rachel, Michaela and Beth – THANKS!

A huge thanks to our panelists from the SXSW "Pimp my non profit" panel.

A few other shout outs:

  1. Thanks to the DC Netsquared chapter for the concept.
  2. Thanks to Techsoup for starting Netsquared which is how I met these folks to begin with.
  3. Thanks to Katie who’s hard work made the panel possible.
  4. Thanks to the approximately 300 people who attended our panel, asked questions and demonstrated the number of sxsw attendees interested in the topic!
  5. Thanks to the people who voted and commented to help us get on the radar for non profits at SXSW!

Also – as noted on Beth’s blog, here are a few other bloggers’ take on the panel

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