Caroline Collective – The Early Days of CoWorking in Houston

  Caroline Collective Front Door 
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I am super proud of @organ_printer and @kned for taking the plunge, and responsibility, of starting the Caroline Collective CoWorking Space. The CC is a coworking space being started in Houston. Right now Matt and Ned in the very early stages of signing the lease and working with the contractors. Currently the space is not inhabitable, yet already leaps to life.

Also a huge thanks to @Cosmopolitician for arranging a tour for @groovehouse, @imelda and me yesterday. And for doing the web site. And for promoting the Caroline Collective! I am pretty sure Monica doesn’t sleep. So anyway, more on the CC:

From the Caroline Collective about page:

Combining the relaxed working environment of the home office with a dynamic
social atmosphere, Caroline Collective strives to positively impact the cultural landscape of Houston by fostering community, collaboration and creativity across all artistic and technological disciplines.

Coworking is both a global and unique to Houston phenomenon. As the global marketplace continues to free the worker from his/her physical location, more and more young professionals work as either “digital nomads“ or as home-office based independents. Houston, as the preeminent global city is a the ideal location of the effect of market forces on the smallscale work-force. The coworking model encourages the free flow of projects and ideas and is founded on the belief that working together is working smarter.

This is exciting for the city of Houston!

It should also be mentioned that there is no doubt in my mind that Tara Hunt was instrumental in influencing the coworking movement both here and throughout the US. So thanks for the thought leadership Tara!