Leadership Notes from Justice Article on Belichick

I enjoy the study of leadership. And success. Winning is great. So some of the quotes from this Justice article titled Belichick has an eye for success, quite literally, caught my eye. Here are a few of them. All bold emphasis added by me.

"You can talk about managing the salary cap, and you can talk about
finding players, bringing in new players," Patriots vice
president/personnel Scott Pioli said. "But one of the most difficult
things that’s not often talked about is just managing success.

Managing success means managing egos and the heart. It means seeing
Bruschi for what he can contribute next season instead of what he
contributed last season.


Coaches sell players on three things: money, fame and success. They
preach that if they do the right things, the team will be successful
and fame and fortune will follow.


He (Belichick) seems to value intelligence above everything else in his hires. His offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, is 31 years old.


Confidence in team

His message to Tom Brady and to the rest of his players that afternoon was, "I believe in you."

Belichick wants players who are smart and motivated and want to be pushed.

"If we win, he wants to put it behind us and get ready to play the
next game," Brady said. "If we lose, he’s on us until Wednesday."

The company is over 10 years old at this point. We had a great year in 2007 thanks to our clients. Yet every day is a challenge. I need all the help I can get. If you are into leadership, I recommend reading Justice’s article even though we know the Patriot’s didn’t get that perfect season after all.