Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity and Education

  Sir Ken Robinson 
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I had the privilege of seeing Sir Ken Robinson talk at the UP Experience recently in Houston. I had never heard of him. Quickly it became apparent he was quite funny, and I don’t think it was just the British accent. No, he has impeccable timing. But more importantly he highlights a few challenges we are facing in education.

One point he makes is that the kids entering school today are going to be retiring in 2065. And that NONE of us have any idea what the world will be like in 2065! So the education we are providing is intended to prepare people for a world that none of us have a clue what it will be like.

Another frame he makes is that education is a hierarchy and at the top are college professors. Yet professors are not what most of us would consider the height of human achievement. (yes this applies even if you have tenure.)

There is an option for us to return to educating humans for creativity. And from the video below Ken defines creativity as  "the process of having original ideas that have value".

If you have 20 minutes and are interested in creativity and education, please watch this talk by Ken at Ted.