Social Media for Non Profits Presentation

Presentation from today at GotSocialMedia. Thanks again Erica and Kelsey for having me as a speaker! And now here is the deck.

Resource Links – The 3 Motivations framework comes from years of research of sociology and psychology. It is *not* revolutionary or new, rather it is a simplification of academic research into an actionable framework. I like simple. You know, something you can do by folding a paper in thirds. If I get credit for writing it, well, to be fair I’d like to also post the bibliography from the original article on

Primary research material that led to the 3 Motivations Article. This is copied verbatim from the bottom of the article on My point in emphasizing this is to clarify that credit is important to me, and these are the giants that walked first. These are the giants whose shoulders I have the audacity to stand upon. But what a fool I would be if I didn’t!

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