Netsquared Mashup Challenge Posted

The folks at Netsquared hosted a great conference call last week on the Netsquared Mashup Challenge, which is the theme for the 2008 Net2 conference. As one of the Netsquared Houston Meetup organizers I thought it was cool they were including us (also on the call are my partners in crime with Houston net2 Katie and Jason.)

So… I have been waiting to see this posted on the Netsquared site, and now here is the skinny:

Get Ready for The NetSquared Mashup Challenge!

Do you have an idea for how a mashup that could be a tool for social change?

Do you look at all of the data available online, and imagine ways to
combine and connect it to increase awareness about an issue?

Do you see projects like or and think, I’ve got an idea for something like that, I just need a little help getting it off the ground?

If you answered yes, then join the NetSquared Mashup Challenge!  We’ve created the Challenge because we believe you have great ideas for how data can create insight,
and we want to create a platform to facilitate those kinds of mashups
being built. Plus, we’ve got cash prizes to award to the folks who come
up with the most innovative mashups for social change.

There are three parts to the Challenge:

1. Applications
Individuals working to create
change will share with the NetSquared Community what change they are
trying to make, as well as the information/data sources they believe
can be married to help create that change. Applications will be available online February 1 and accepted until March 14, 2008.


The big take away is that you can submit starting on Friday. I know I’ll be pestering some of our past Netsquared speakers to submit their organizations. I suggest YOU do the same!