CareFlash at Netsquared Houston tonight

Just you don’t have any plans for, oh, about two and a half hours from now, the Houston Netsquared meetup is tonight at the Stag’s Head Pub.

December Net2: Social networking with Jay Drayer and Careflash
Stag’s Head Pub
2128 Portsmouth St
Houston, TX 77098
(713) 521-2333
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And the topic is:

This month we’ll be chatting with Jay Drayer, founder of
Houston-based social network Careflash. Jay will talk to us about
utilizing online networks in medical and healthcare sense and walk us
through his very cool CareFlash social site.

Learn how
Facebook, Myspace and YouTube are NOT addressing a specific audience’s
needs – when it comes major medical events (celebratory and difficult
alike) and providing free, reliable healthcare info for friends, family
and patients.

As usual we will be in the back room and have adult beverages (read "free beer") for attendees. I have gotten to know Jay and he is very passionate about this topic. It will be a good meeting.