a discrepancy between fostered appearances and reality

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Goffman (again)

"When we think of those who present a false front or "only"
a front, of those who dissemble, deceive, and defraud, we think of a
discrepancy between fostered appearances and reality. We also think of
the precarious position in which these performers place themselves, for
at any moment in their performance an event may occur to catch them out
and baldly contradict what they have openly avowed, bringing them
immediate humiliation and sometimes permanent loss of reputation." – The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, Erving Goffman. pg 59

So this is NOT a surprise:

Neighbors shun MySpace hoax family

… Residents of the middle-class subdivision have turned against the
neighbor, Lori Drew, and her family, demanding the Drews move out. In
interviews, they have warned darkly that someone might be tempted to
"take matters into their own hands."

"It’s like they used to do
in the 1700s and 1800s. If you wronged a community, you were basically
shunned. That’s basically what happened to her," said Trever Buckles, a
40-year-old who lives next door to the Drews. …

The Drews used to fit in just fine, said John McIntyre, who described
Lori Drew as an intensely social woman who never hesitated to stop and

Societies have their rules for a reason. Break those rules at your own risk.