Fraser Seitel on Becoming a Successful PR Professional

From SandraSays’s blog via twitter – Fraser Seitel on Becoming a Successful PR Professional.  Fraser Seitel is the author of The Practice of Public Relations. Excerpts from the video but skipping around a bit.

"Public Relations is the easiest profession in the world to get shuffled off to second class citizen status."

"What you want, what you must have, is a seat at the management table."

"You want to be appreciated for your contributions. How do you do that? I say it takes three things:"

  1. A knowledge base "you’ve got to be the best communicator around" "that means study"
  2. Experience "part of the job of a pr professional is learning about the organization"
  3. Judgement "you have to have judgement"

View the video of Fraser Seitel on Sandra’s site here.