Deb Fortune – May God Bless You and Go In Peace

I have the privilege of working for some amazing clients. To serve them. One amazing person, someone I   learned as much from as she hopefully did from us, is Deb Fortune. Deb passed away on November 9th. I just found out. And it is tremendously sad news.

Deb Fortune could only look at how to move forward, never how to step back. If you did step back she was reaching out, grabbing your hand, and once again showing you the way forward. Racing you to pick up the lunch tab. Smiling. Crossing cultural and generational boundaries as few can actually do. Yet she could. All the while her quick wit, and sometimes a dab of sarcasm, would make you smile knowing she was right.

From Deb’s site:

“There is nothing more exciting than to be involved with an organization that builds a high performance culture through development and implementation of their values, vision, and guiding behaviors. Helping to build on an organization’s strengths to shape an environment where individual and organizational health can be achieved is truly rewarding.“   – Deb Fortune

To borrow from her quote – working with Deb was “truly rewarding.” Deb was a driven person. Not by money as she had achieved that. Yet she did not have an off button when it came to topics she was passionate about. One of those topics was corporate culture.

“Culture is like the water fish swim in. It is an integral part of their environment; they are surrounded by it every day. Its effects can be felt, yet it remains unseen.” – Deb Fortune

I knew Deb initially from a professional relationship. But she became a friend. Not sure if she really could do business long term with someone she didn’t like, and to me that is a huge compliment. I made the cut. Yea! Thanks Deb!

From her obituary on the chronicle site:

DEBORAH JANE GIBBONS FORTUNE was born on June 13, and died at her home
in The Woodlands on November 9, 2007. She is survived by her children,
Jennie, Josh, Katie, stepchildren Beth and Tara, and seven
grandchildren: Pete, Jhett, Jonas, Alexander, Cynthia, Jennifer and
Christopher. Deb was 59, and gave life and love to all those around
her. She trusted that the Lord would put her where she was meant to be,
and this wisdom lifted her into His arms, out of pain, and with her
family in Heaven.

I’ll paste Deb Fortune’s full CV after the jump, mainly because it is simply too important to risk the record not being retained. In closing this post I’d like to say

“Deb – you will be missed greatly. You made the world a better place and your family is blessed to have had you in their lives. May God bless you and go in peace Deb. Go in peace.”

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