OpenSocial APIs Published on Google Code

After all of the OpenSocial hype, I was pretty excited this morning when OpenSocial’s API and video training went live on the net. (youTube OpenSocial video is a bit bigger)

As a recap – OpenSocial is a way for developers to develop applications that can be used on multiple social web sites. So you can write once, and have it work on linkedin or orkut or a host of other providers.

This is a good thing. Even if you aren’t a developer – you want happy developers because they can do more to serve you at a lower cost. And everyone likes low cost / high value propositions, right?

My personal interest is to be able to leverage OpenSocial to extend the functionality of Tendenci for associations. Our company of course wrote Tendenci starting over six years ago, but luckily it is very object based and can already authenticate against several different APIs. So our programming team is quite busy right now. And this too is a good thing.

Thanks Google!