“Pimp My Non Profit” Panel for SXSW 08 Makes the List!

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Yea! The SXSW 2008 Panel initial results are in and the Pimp My Non Profit Panel made the list! WHOOOOOOOP! The initial SXSW panel list, subject to change of course, is posted on the SXSW site.

As a recap, the topic for the Pimp My Non Profit panel is:

Non profit groups struggle with funding and public support issues on a
daily basis. Yet many have overcome the odds and made a splash online
and offline by using the latest Web technologies — for pennies on the
dollar. This discussion will center around the stories, strategies,
triumphs and challenges of innovative non profits with a passion for
change and the cajones to rock it out online.

I am the official "cat herder" as the moderator. The panelists planned are (note – Seth was unavailable due to travel so Michaela is joining us – Thanks Michaela!):

Beth Kanter, bethkanter.org
Rachel Weidinger, Strategy for Social Entrepreneurs and on Netsquared here.
Michaela Hackner, Girls with Macs and World Learning.
Erin Denny, Senior Product Manager, YouthNoise Initiatives

So a couple shout outs. First – thanks to Netsquared, Britt, Marnie, Beth, Katie, Jason. Beth also introduced me to Michaela who I am really looking forward to meeting in person soon. A special THANK YOU to Katie as she is the one who came up with the "Pimp My Non Profit" theme and panel description.

OK, now before Britt says anything I need to go and actually post to the Netsquared blog for a change!

The photo? Just a good visual to go with the LONG WAIT between the panel picker votes closing and the announcements. Thanks for the hard work Hugh! I can’t imagine SXSW panel selection is easy!