Brian Connolly, Strumpette Finally Out of the Closet

Still crazy after all these years. Just a lot less cleavage. Brian Connolly has come out of the closet and relaunched strumpette with the less-cleavage brand name of "futhermore". So if we weren’t sure, yes, we now know he definitely wants the last, the further-mostest-wordest. Thanks for coming out of the closet Mr. Connoly.

Update: Had a somewhat funny conversation with Brian about this earlier this week. Very insightful actually and hopefully I’ll get my thoughts organized on a future blog post about PR in general.

A few things to be clear about.

  1. Yes I realize Amanda Chapel is a character that that there were numerous writers and not just Brian. I had a mental list to do a linguistics analysis of different posts just to prove this point, but never got around to it. Which leads to my second "update" point.
  2. As snarky and sometimes mean as Strumpette was, I am disappointed that the experiment is now completely off line. Yes reinvent, start anew, experiment. But to remove the old site leaves the world without an anti-brand for PR. The void will be filled of course, we know from Primal Branding that you must have your "non believers". And Strumpette filled that void. It would be a shame if it remains off line. It means the spinsters beat strumpette in the end. That bums me out.

Update 2 – checking my links for this post – it seems Amanda’s back (NSF link as usual). This is a good thing. I think. As long as the talons are pointed at me. But then again I would never bait someone like Amanda, now would I?