Spammers! Come Quick! New Twitter Tracking!

I definitely enjoy twitter. But boy, they need to be careful with this recent tracking update. As I understand it, if I follow phrase on twitter I can see all updates that contain that phrase even if I am NOT following that person. First the email announcement from biz:

Tracking Twitter We’re really excited about this new feature which allows anyone to track concepts in real time over SMS or IM. Tell Twitter what words or phrases you’re interested in and you’ll receive updates containing those words the instant anyone Twitters them. One of the most popular words being tracked by people right now is "overheard." Send "track overheard" to Twitter to find out why. (Send "untrack" if you change your mind and "stats" to get a list of words you track.)   (emphasis added)

Now it doesn’t take a genius to figure out everyone is going to track their name and their brand names. So if you want to spam the world with pro-DRM-content all you do is post about @scoble and everyone tracking that phrase receives it.  

As Clay says, spam is part of the system. Google alerts work because they filter them for crap based on their existing algorithms. It will be interesting to see how twitter does.  Bottom line: the Twitter tracking feature is a Great Feature, but ONLY IF you have akismet spam filtering technology enabled. If not, not so good. This is going to be a problem Biz!

As for me, well I have some twitter alerts to set up! You didn’t think I wasn’t going to try it out, did you?