PR Losing Impact in a Web 2.0 World – NOT really….

This headline "PR losing impact in Web 2.0 world" in the bulldog reporters daily dog email caught my eye. My first thought was "Public Relations is more important than ever because PR is now be talking directly to …. um…. THE PUBLIC!"

Well it turns out it was just a catchy headline. What they should have said is "lazy PR people need to do less media relations and get back to working with the public". But that wouldn’t have been politically correct. Good thing I didn’t say it either.

From the article by MJ Gilhooley

Simply put: Audiences are more in control than ever and increasingly
savvy about filtering marketing messages. As a result, PR pros have a
new hat to wear: listener, learner. With the tables turned per the
advent of Web 2.0, sheer Darwinism alone will lay to rest the pros who
five years ago considered major market headlines and covers the end

And on that note, from talking to several PR people recently, it surprises me despite their study in their own field, that they don’t bother to study branding. Advertising may not be the same as PR, but it is still awesomely powerful stuff and worthy of study, particularly when it comes to brand names and psychology. But that is another post.