Any Excuse, No Matter How Valid, Is Still an Excuse

  Sunday Breakfast 
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One of the points that is articulated well in the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is the awareness that:

Any Excuse, No Matter How Valid, Is Still an Excuse

We rotate kolache and donut duty at our office and the email went out this morning with this line in it.

“Not a lot of varieties. The guy in the Kolache store just had a baby last night, so he didn’t get much time to make more.“

Read that again. The man’s wife had a baby THAT NIGHT and still opened the store for business taking care of his customers. While his regulars would surely have understood if he wasn’t there, new customers would have wondered if the store was closed. So he opened it regardless.

This is a guy, who for better or worse, understands the phrase "any excuse, no matter how valid, is still an excuse". This is the competition. This is why I work on Saturdays. Yes be smart. Yes have a work/life balance. But know that the competition opens the kolache store at 4 AM after being up all night with his wife who just had a baby. That is the competition. Be afraid.

Update: before you ask, yes I was there when my kids were born so judge me by my actions. I am not advocating or even agreeing with this man’s actions. I am however impressed with his drive.