Schipul 10 Year Anniversary Party in Houston

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Well, this is a nerve racking week. We are hosting our first ever Tendenci User Conference. With a bit over 330 clients as I type this, it was time. Doing it in style of course. Registration is currently a bit over 70 people, which ain’t bad but could be better. Lots to be done between now and Friday!

Perhaps the best part will be the goal line. The 10 year Schipul company anniversary party! Hosting it at Yao’s restaurant on Westheimer this Friday (yes they have a flash intro and a talking head – SORRY!). If you are a friend of the company, or perhaps even a friend of a friend please do register! We’d love to see you! H-town represent!

That photo? Some crazy project by @deneyterrio a few months back. We have a few more employees now-a-days, but it still cracks me up. Also be sure to check out his podcast site.