66% Error Rates – um NO! “job emplyment oportunity”

I received an email from a job applicant last year with the following subject line (sic):

job emplyment oportunity

Now here is the problem. Two out of three words are spelled incorrectly. This is a 66.66% error rate. There are only three (3) words in the entire subject line!

In this case the student feels the email subject line doesn’t matter as that is just casual communication. But if entrusted with interacting with our clients surely he would spell every word correctly. He believed there is a difference between small actions and large actions. He believed that his behavior was different based on the "stakes".

Oh sure, yes the first client contact email would be
spell checked and double checked. But once familiarity sets in, we go
back to completely unprofessional communication (especially in the days
of automatic spell check!).

I like this quote, although it is more focused on leadership, the point remains; it is not the big actions, but rather the small actions that define us.

is a practice that requires self-discipline to hone and adapt the
thousands of small actions that result in others’ following you
" (3 of 4) – Dr. O’Brien

Small actions. Small details. As a student of leadership I have read over and over, and experienced
over and over, that there is a 100% correlation between small actions
and large actions. To judge a person fairly; first judge them by their small actions and then increase their responsibility.