VOTE! We Heart You, and the iPhone and Netsquared and Visualization

This is a blatant self promotion plug. But hey, this is my blog and not our company site so I can do that. Right? Transparency and alll. So if you have 5 minutes – please consider voting for these panels for SXSW 2008?

We Heart You!! — Growing Your Business From Within (vote)
Your employees are your company’s heart and soul — do they know how much you love them? Our discussion will give you some insights on how to improve the lives and brains of your greatest assets, giving you a strong competitive edge and a win-win environment for your company, your employees and your clients. Panelists proposed are:

Kelsey Ruger, Director of Technology and Creative Services at Pop Labs, his blog is the moleskin
Phil Morabito, CEO and founder, Pierpont Communications
Erica O’Grady, Project Manager/People Connector, The Method Agency, blog
Ann Iverson, Advertising Visionary

iPhone in the Enterprise

The iPhone hit the cell phone market by storm in mid 2007. A phone to solve your every need. And one heck of a new user interface paradigm focused on your fingers as an input device. No more windows, only view ports. The Safari browser and Webkit became relevant again. We’re giving away an actual iPhone at this panel, so come ready with questions and ideas. Panelists are:

Whurley – who now works for the man (just kidding) and blogs at

Pimp My Non Profit
Non profit groups struggle with funding and public support issues on a daily basis. Yet many have overcome the odds and Kung_fu_netsquared_photo_by_eschi_2
made a splash online and offline by using the latest Web technologies — for pennies on the dollar. This discussion will center around the stories, strategies, triumphs and challenges of innovative non profits with a passion for change and the cajones to rock it out online.

Beth Kanter,
Rachel Weidinger, Strategy for Social Entrepreneurs and on Netsquared here.
Seth Mazow, formerly of Interplast and blogging on Netsquared.
Erin Denny, Senior Product Manager, YouthNoise Initiatives

The "Pimp my non profit" panel is really based on the awesome work of Netsquared and TechSoup, two organizations I am involved with out of California. So go visit Netsquared regardless of if you vote!

The Art of Visual Thinking

Kelsey’s panel – Visual Thinking is the art of using pictures to solve problems, think through issues and communicate messages clearly. Visual communication has long been used by indigenous cultures in art, storytelling and history. This has helped shape languages and communication styles around the world. Find out how to present ideas visually, cut through the clutter to help explain things in a more concise and understandable manner.

Kelsey Ruger, Director of Technology and Creative Services at Pop Labs, his blog is the moleskin
This one is Kelsey’s. I am a proposed panelist. My blog is … well you are reading it.

Also note the panel picker closes on September 21 2007. So go VOTE NOW!