iPhoneDevCamp in San Francisco – yea!

Headed to San Francisco this morning for BarCamp and mainly the iPhone Developers Camp. iPhoneDevCamp Attendees over 325 at the moment and the Adobe Guest wireless supports 200. And oh ya, all of us will have wifi enabled iPhones to make that a 640-200=440 deficit. Oh THIS is going to work. But hey, with all of those innovators in the room we will come up with something.

Resources read, cached on the browser or printed are:

  1. Select iPhoneDevCamp wiki pages
  2. iPhone Developers Guide from Apple
  3. iPhoney emulator installed on the MacBook
  4. I am *not* installing WebKit as I am counting on Safari to do that for me.
  5. Installed Aptana web dev IDE on the Mac. This is new to me but it has an iPhone plugin so I am going to test it a bit.
  6. Looked up how to reboot the iPhone. Hold "home" button (bottom front) and "sleep" button (top of phone) down for 8 seconds.

A couple of other iPhone thoughts on this and social software. First note the graphics from Apple on the developers guide. The iPhone is a view port and it doesn’t have "windows" – it just has a view port.

It does not support Flash or Java Packages as far as I can tell. So fly out navigation appears to be a serious issue. Will learn about that at camp I suppose, but I do know our nav is not working on the iPhone. Luckily we have a sitemap, but we need a more prominent link to it.

Note the barcamp wiki is locked down for edits on any page besides attendees. I have ranted on this before, the point is that complete freedom on the Internets (heh) quickly attracts spam links. Attacks are part of the system. Just noting a common theme that goes against what we verbally talk about. Wikis are great if moderated in some fashion IMHO.

And now for another quick trip to San Fran. Hopefully Continental will bump me again!