Winer: Medicine and Tech have Two Things in Common

Dave Winer, for those who don’t already know him, comes up with some awesome ideas. Sometimes simple observations and simple solutions. Which I consider to be brilliant. Speak clearly damnit. And he does today with a post on conferences distilling it down to simple objectives.

what we want when we meet with other people is to explain who we are,
and explore our issues, and learn who other people are, and what their
issues are

One of my table-mates, a psychiatrist, agreed and added an eye-opening
idea. She said that medicine and technology have two things in common,
most of the people you meet never grew up. She explained that in medicine they didn’t have to, because everyone
looks up to them as having godlike insight into the meaning of
existence, and the people in the profession tend to believe the hype.

Emphasis added. And maddeningly the post never answers the question of what the other of the "two things" medicine and tech have in common are. But I digress from the point of this post:

So as a technologist (at times anyway) I wonder how much of the hype I believe myself?