The Best Damn Public Relations Resource Slide Ever

This is the best damn public relations resource slide ever! OK, maybe not ever, but it is nonetheless very helpful in my opinion. On the down side, as someone who studies user interface design and usability, it is not fully self explanatory. I will work to improve it. But for now let me explain with words to help.

The slide is from a panel I was on at the Bulldog Repoter’s Media Relations Summit in Washington D.C. last week. Specifically this slide is about how to allocate resources in a Web 2.0 world where you must work with bloggers and the mainstream media at the same time.

The image is a series of screen shots from the buzzmap on shows stories geographically so you can look for blog posts in your neighborhood in Brooklyn or similar. In this case the circles represent the amount of story coverage. Gray is MSM and Orange is blog coverage. The overall size of a dot is the approximate amount of coverage.

(thanks for the help HK. More after the jump…)

I highlighted these two stories to point out the top story is
approximately the same size over time and has legs primarily with the MSM. Some
blog coverage after it breaks. But after that it is left to MSM to run
with it as the bloggers are for the most part disinterested.

The second story is more interesting. Some MSM coverage, but that
quickly wanes. Blog coverage however continues and amplifies the story.
Blog coverage continues strongly even after MSM coverage has almost
completely stopped.

The bottom section shows a series of "block people" which represent
the resources allocated for a given client. This might be one person’s
time. Or it might be individual as part of a team and how they are
working a given issue.

Think of it like a just-in-time inventory system for wal-mart. Move
the resources to where they are needed as they are needed. Not before,
not after, but at the time they are needed. It is simply media
auto-replenishment, a term from my days as an operations manager (was
that this lifetime? Wow…).

Please do let me know your thoughts. Some questions that I know come up as a result.

  1. This visual shows two distinct stories, one covered mostly by the MSM and it keeps going. A story that "doesn’t go away" but that the bloggers are, for the most part, disinterested in. So how do you classify a story to allocate resources? (not sure)
  2. Is there a taxonomy or ontology to explain and/or talk about types of stories and the interrelationship between MSM and blogs? (again, not sure)

So there is work to be done. But hopefully this contributes to the dialog and has us thinking about just-in-time movement of PR resources based on the type of story and the time line.