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  Washington Monument 
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  1. Ben on why Associations should NOT be on wikipedia (although overall he is for it). I agree, the culture on wikipedia is rough. We put a ton of energy into getting this amazing man into wikpedia and the community could have been more helpful IMHO)
  2. Google slammed for privacy and Battelle’s defense of google
  3. Rubel’s attention crash – and he has cut way back on blog posts since going to Edelman. Can’t blame him.
  4. Spin and ChrisPirillo making WAY too many reference to the interminably long Charlie the Unicorn goes to Candy Mountain youTube video. (9 Million + views! = earbug warning.)

The photo of the Washington Monument? No bearing on the link post, just a photo from my walk about in DC yesterday. Here as a speaker for the Bulldog Reporter Media Summit.